Physical touch is unavoidable in dance, but how do you ensure that no boundaries are crossed? In the second part of her feature, Nina Levy explains the role of intimacy coordinators in the professional space.

Want to audition for Netherlands Dance Theatre? Artistic Director Emily Molnar describes the process.

Lucy Christodolou offers three keys to making auditions an enjoyable experience.

Audition advice from Matthew Lawrence, Ballet Master for the Queensland Ballet and Queensland Ballet Academy, and former Lecturer for QUT. 

Exam refusal?

There seems to be a recent reluctance among students and their parents to enter exams. Why? Michelle Dursun investigates.

Injuries will never be easy. However, dancers can prevent a decline in their physical and mental health by proactively supporting themselves and turning their injury time into something both powerful and productive, writes Lucy Christodolou.

Phil Chan is a choreographer as well as the co-founder of an organisation called Final Bow for Yellowface, which argues against using racial stereotypes on stage. Here he responds to our recent debate on 'cancelling' ballets like 'La Bayadere'.

What do we mean by artistry? Matthew Lawrence explores this most elusive of subjects.

The West Australian Ballet's staging of the 19th century classic is countering the critics, writes Karen van Ulzen.

Fouettes are a moment when the human body gambles with the forces of nature – gravity, torsion and speed, writes Karen van Ulzen.

Dancing for life

Everybody's doing adult ballet! Michelle Dursun finds out why.

A dancer would typically spend four or more hours in a mirrored studio daily, scrutinising not only their dancing, but their entire physique and appearance. Advice from Lucy Christodolou.

Is a vegan diet compatible with the high nutrition needs of dance? KAREN VAN ULZEN finds out.

Dancer, if you find yourself in a company or environment that makes you feel bad about yourself, leave. Read this article for tips and advice on dealing with body image.

How much and how often should young dancers train? How early should they specialise?

What is contemporary dance technique? It’s a seemingly benign question, but for many dancers, attempting to explain modern and contemporary ways of moving through the loaded term “technique” is altogether too rigid, writes Belle Beasley.