This work, about the silence that surrounds the issue of a treaty for the First Peoples of Australia, delivers a powerful message with dignity and an often, biting wit.

It with much sadness that I write of the death of Dr Alan Brissenden AM, much loved colleague and friend of Dance Australia, on September 9, 2020.

'Seeing through Darkness' is a moving response to Rouault’s somewhat despairing vision.

Paul Lightfoot's tribute to his late father is also an example of creative possibility defying extraordinary obstacles.

Even if your head has been full of worries and your spirit hitting lows, nothing beats the feeling of an industry's members getting together to help each other.

"I believe we’ve done the right thing as a nation and as a state in Victoria," says Jason Coleman, CEO of Melbourne's Ministry of Dance. "It’s not about what we can’t do, it’s about what we can do."

Emma Watkins and The Royal Academy of Dance have collaborated on a short film to reassure young children that dance class is still a safe and fun place, despite Covid-19 safety measures.

DirtyFeet is supporting emerging Sydney choreographers, Eliza Cooper and Emily Flannery, to develop their creative works.

Hindus are urging Houston Ballet to withdraw 'La Bayadère' from its 2020-2021 season because it trivialises Eastern religious and other traditions.

There are always silver linings in a challenge even if they are not immediately apparent. Damian Smith, artistic director of The National Theatre Ballet School, found several this year.

The ballet will also be available in more conventionally social-distancing, live-streamed performances for audiences not in New York.

West Australian Ballet’s 2020 season of Dracula is going ahead as planned.

Until the scourge of Covid-19 is eliminated, the cost of producing large theatrical performances will be so enormous that many are unlikely to go ahead. What can we do?

Locreado Dance Company will present Loredo Malcolm's contemporary piece, 'Pause', in Sydney on Friday, 18 September.

Mariaa Randall, Luke George, Priya Srinivasan and Tam Nguyen will explore the potential of a dedicated contemporary dance festival in Melbourne.

Submissions are open for the inaugural IDFFA Schools Festival, a platform for secondary dance schools and students to explore their creativity in film.