This program is a refreshing selection of classical and modern ballet, writes Geraldine Higginson.

With its world premiere of GRIMM, the Sydney Choreographic Ensemble has certainly set the bar high, writes Geraldine Higginson.

The Australian Ballet's new commission left critic Geraldine Higginson underwhelmed.

Future Festival artistic directors take note: this year's program shows that home-grown work deserves to be programmed on its own merit! Maggie Tonkin reviews more Adelaide Festival dance.

"I am so pleased to say that the maturity of these works indicates a new beginning for Tasdance." Lesley Graham reviews.

'The highlight of the 2021 Perth Festival': Alana Kildea reviews Brooke Leader & Dancers'.

Maggie Tonkin reviews Restless Dance Theatre and Botis Seva's 'Blkdog'.

Almost a year to the day later than originally planned, the Queensland Ballet finally launched its 60th Anniversary Gala season with an opening night that truly sparkled.

The sense of celebration and excitement was palpable on Friday evening as The Australian Ballet took to the stage for the first time in almost a year.

Curated and mentored by Tyrone Earl Lraé Robinson, MoveMoveMove is an eclectic promenade performance consisting of three separate works across various venues in Perth's Northbridge.

What a deeply appropriate, emotionally resonant work 'Impermanence' has become, writes Geraldine Higginson.

'Different but equally brilliant.' Alana Kildea reviews the West Australian Ballet and Perth's Co3.

From its initial blistering explosion of light, sound and movement this bold, audacious work positively thrills, writes Denise Richardson.

Geraldine Higginson reviews Bangarra Dance Theatre's 'Spirit' and Jasmin Sheppard's 'The Complication of Lyrebirds'.

'Visually striking.' Geraldine Higginson reviews 'The Four Seasons and 'Explicit Contents'.

Three terrific performances, including 'a master work of the repertoire', made up the second half of the Festival, writes Maggie Tonkin.