This work is vintage Stewart: inventive, brutal and unforgiving . . . writes Maggie Tonkin.

With only a few modern twists, this adaptation of Coppélia remains true to its traditional core, writes Alana Kildea.

This year’s Brisbane Festival is still a joyous affair – a beacon of hope in an otherwise glum artistic landscape, writes Denise Richardson.

This season of new works offers a glimpse into the beginnings of new works, writes Isabelle Leclezio.

Co-created by Alison Currie and Alisdair Macindoe, this is riveting dance-theatre, writes Maggie Tonkin.

'A triumph!" Maggie Tonkin reviews the Australian Ballet's 'Anna Karenina'.

The opening night of STATE was the beginning of a thrilling new era for West Australian Ballet, writes Isabelle Leclezio.

Geraldine Higginson reviews Bangarra's keenly anticipated new work.

This 'Beauty' should have broad audience appeal, writes Denise Richardson.

This program shows the Australasian Dance Collective is very much at the cutting edge of contemporary dance in Australia, writes Denise Richardson.

Natalie Allen's solo show is inspired by the Australian Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.

The WA Ballet has done an exceptional job in retaining the spirit and life of this iconic piece, writes Alana Kildea.

Bursting with choreographic talent, this excellent program was danced superlatively by the ADT dancers.

This program is a refreshing selection of classical and modern ballet, writes Geraldine Higginson.

With its world premiere of GRIMM, the Sydney Choreographic Ensemble has certainly set the bar high, writes Geraldine Higginson.

The Australian Ballet's new commission left critic Geraldine Higginson underwhelmed.