In its second year, the WA Ballet’s “STATE” is emerging as a celebration of bold neoclassical and contemporary choreography

Choreographer Lucas Jervies has created a new story which begins in a recognisably modern world, before taking a turn towards the fantastical, writes Geraldine Higginson.

This is sugary tale of thwarted love, writes Susan Bendall.

This program celebrates the Qld Ballet's breadth, depth and diversity, writes Denise Richardson.

This is a timeless work can only be described as a cultural touchstone, writes Taylor Venter.

SDC’s ab [intra] is a truly breathtaking work of art, and a must-see event for Australian audiences, writes Taylor Venter.

This collaboration offers a small but poignant comment on our shared humanity, writes Rhys Ryan.

It’s great to see Australia’s oldest continuous contemporary dance company confidently embarking on a new direction, writes Maggie Tonkin.

Saturated with colour and simmering with absurdity, ALICE (in wonderland) is an absolute highlight in West Australian Ballet’s repertoire, writes Isabelle Leclezio.

'Breathtaking to watch', writes Geraldine Higginson.

Three long-term projects came to fruition this autumn in Tasmania, writes Lesley Graham.

A glimpse into an artist’s mind is always a privilege, and "Genesis" is certainly an opportunity for this, writes Isabelle Leclezio.

In these distressing times, we all need a dose of 'Manifesto’, writes Maggie Tonkin.

The past two years have served as creative fodder for this latest work, writes Rhys Ryan.

This is a stunning production, and an incredibly worthy, if overdue, opener to the 2022 Adelaide Festival, writes Maggie Tonkin.

This show highlights the future as having potential for both horror and humanity, writes Alana Kildea.