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The WA Academy of Performing is soon to get a brand new home in the heart of Perth.

An exquisite trailer for the Hong Kong Ballet's 2020/21 season makes the challenges of this year seem a little smaller.

Ballet Gesellschaft Hannover’s choreography competition, one of the most prestigious international dance competitions, is accepting submissions.

Australia feels like two nations at the moment. Most parts are emerging from lockdown, with dance schools and companies returning to the studio and the stage. And then there’s Victoria, in a second lockdown for the year.

Applications are open for all NSW dancers with experience in choreography and performance to explore their dance practice in a collaboration hosted by FORM Dance Projects.

A free double pass worth $218 is up for grabs and all you have to do is fill in your details to go into the draw.

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Todd Dewberry found it was impossible not to be inspired by his full-time dance studies.

This young dancer is now in her third year with the Queensland Ballet.

The Spring issue of 'Dance Australia' features our annual Full-Time Studies Guide which includes inspiring personal accounts by graduates of their study experience. Here, Sydney Dance Company's Mia Thompson reflects on her time at the WA Academy of Performing Arts.

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Stretching is a standard part of a dancer’s exercise regime. But there are times when it shouldn’t be done. Susan Bendall talks to exercise physiologists Liz Hewett and Donna Oliver.

How would you describe your relationship with your appetite? I talk about appetite a lot with dancers, mainly because it’s very often seen as something confusing, something to “overcome” or something with which we battle.

Ariana Mazzeo was once the only dancer in her audition group who was not called back for the next round. So she got back up and trained even harder.