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RAD Australia has put together a set of guidelines to help teachers navigate the regulations around returning to the studio.

Queensland Ballet has announced that it is rescheduling its 2020 performance season to 2021.

Featuring The Australian Ballet’s Jake Mangakahia, 'Icarus' is a new, short contemporary dance film exploring the ancient parable of the same name, about the boy who flew too close to the sun.

Did you know that the National Library of Australia (NLA) offers Creative Arts Fellowships?

Australian Dance Theatre has spearheaded a new dance project that brings together ADT, Kurruru Youth Performing Arts, Restless Dance Theatre and independent choreographers and composers.

Looking for a live online dance class? Here are some options!

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"I don’t consider it a passion: I consider it my life – my reason for existence – my reason for being. When I am in performance, dance is the settling of my 'self'. I’m in harmony; I’m truthful; I am complete."

This costume designer for the musical 'Frozen' is behind myriad fabulous creations, including some of the biggest productions on the planet, writes Sally Clark.

Karen van Ulzen talks to Lloyd Newson on the eve of his revival of his groundbreaking 'Enter Achilles' at the Adelaide Festival.

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Michelle Dursun examines how and why discipline still matters, in the current issue of 'Dance Australia'.

Dance is traditionally passed down from teacher to student in the shared space of a studio. How can teachers adapt to the rapid changes forced upon them by COVID-19? Geraldine Higginson passes on some tips.

If dancers want to genuinely captivate an audience it is essential they learn how to investigate the internal life of their performance as well as the external, writes Sally Clark.