Meet Kaela Tapper

Kaela Tapper studied at the Amanda Bollinger Dance Academy and is now a member of the Royal Swedish Ballet. She is featured in our Full-Time Studies Guide in the July/Aug/Sep print issue.

Meet Zali Crafter

Zali is one of 16 graduates to be featured in our massive Full-Time Studies Guide 2024 in the July/August/September print issue of Dance Australia. 

Meet the founder of Ballet Without Borders, a charity that aims to make ballet available for all children regardless of their socio-economic status.

From her hometown of Adelaide, this dancer is now in Madrid as a dancer with the world renown Compañía Nacional de Danza (National Ballet Company of Spain).

Bec Dundas is a mover and now she has made a move again … to Hobart, with her husband Samuel Dundas and young son Kit, to become Artistic Director of DRILL Performance. LESLEY GRAHAM finds out how she got there.

'Beauty and the Beast' moves to Melbourne from Brisbane this month. Olivia Stewart talks to the show's long-time choreographer and director, Matt West.

This time last year Adam Elmes and Lilla Harvey were Corps de Ballet dancers with the Australian Ballet who had been nominated alongside three of their peers for the 2023 Telstra Ballet Dancer Award.

Deborah Brown is collaborating with Mãori choreographer and arts laureate Moss Te Ururangi Patterson to create a new work called ‘The Light Inside’, for Bangarra Dance Theatre.

Liesel Zink is currently working on two projects – one for Mature Artists Dance Experience (MADE), and the other for Stompin youth dance, both in Lutruwita/Tasmania.

The new boss of the Queensland Ballet talks to DENISE RICHARDSON about her new role.

Self-effacing, straight-forward and statuesque: these are just some words to describe this dazzling dancer. A profile by Susan Bendall.

"Instead of confining ourselves to one box, or conforming to someone else's expectations, let's embrace the freedom to express every facet of ourselves . . .." Read Linda Ridgway Gamblin describing her role as Head of Training at SDC.

Akram Khan is bringing his esteemed company to Australia. He talks to Rhys Ryan about his production, 'Jungle Book reimagined'.

Meet Victor Estevez

Victor Estevez has recently moved from the Queensland Ballet, which he joined in 2016, to the Australian Ballet, where he will start next year. Here, he describes why he left Cuba to come to Australia and offers some insights into the Cuban training.

Meet Nina Osmanova

Nina Osmanova loves to pass on to her students the knowledge she gained through her own training in the Vaganova system.

From sport, to Circus Oz, to dancer with DV8 and then artistic director of Cirque du Soleil: meet the enormously talented Robert Tannion.