Carmen Pavlovic, CEO of Global Creatures, would have been getting ready to launch 'Moulin Rouge' in Melbourne about now if it weren't for the pandemic.

Auditions have tended to follow a tried-and-true formula that involves having a lot of people in one space at one time and moving very quickly through the process. Auditions have begun again in Australia though...

Australian Dance Theatre's virtual performance, 'The World’s Smallest Stage', will become a live performance at The Odeon in October.

Tony Award-winning Broadway musical, 'Pippin', will reopen the Sydney Lyric Theatre at The Star in Sydney on November 24.

Shaun Parker's 'In The Zone' will mark the tenth anniversary of his company, Shaun Parker & Company, and introduces an idea that fuses gaming tech with dance.

San Francisco Ballet’s new dance film, 'Dance of Dreams', has the whole of San Francisco as its stage.

The Farm's Michael Smith brings his quirky, humour-rich interactive performance, 'Cowboy' to this year's Brisbane Festival.

A beautiful nugget of creativity, this performance was curated and adapted for a small audience in the reimagined cabaret-styled performance space.

How would you feel if you had to wear a mask to the theatre? If ushers wore hi-viz vests and cleaners were evident everywhere and you couldn’t treat yourself to a champagne? It doesn’t sound like a very glamorous experience, does it?

The Australasian Dance Collective's Youth Ensemble solo performances in 'Echo' are based on choreographic ideas written by its young members to each other in letters.

Force Majeure's special edition 'Intense Revive' will run November 2-7 for a limited number of selected participants from across Australia.

On Saturday 8 August NSW choreographers will dance their own new works that reflect how this year has been affecting, challenging and transforming.

'Capriccio' by by dancer and choreographer, François-Eloi Lavignac, is the first of the 2020 Bodytorque series, which has been specifically designed for the digital space.

Stretching is a standard part of a dancer’s exercise regime. But are there times when it shouldn’t be done?

Auditions for Sydney Dance Company's Pre-Professional Year program are being held on Zoom, 11 August and 23 August.

An example of ingenuity in the age of Covid by Australian, Stanton Welch, artistic director of Houston Ballet. Enjoy 'Divergence'.