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In Melbourne, at the Victorian College of the Arts, an interesting anniversary was commemorated this month by the students of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music: that of the premiere of Merce Cunningham's seminal work, Ocean.

SA Dance Hub closes

The Dance Hub SA board has made the difficult decision to bring the organisation to a close.

Choreographer Aakash Odedra says his dyslexia is what made him a dancer. Now he has made a dance, with Lewis Major, about the topic, aimed at children.

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Leila Lois reviews 'One Last Action in an Ocean of Everything', premiered at Melbourne's Rising festival.

This year’s RISING festival, a winter contemporary arts festival that has grown up in Melbourne over the past few years, could be the most edgy yet for dance, writes Leila Lois.

This interpretation infuses the 19th century classic with a fresh relevance and a distinctly Australian flavour that still captivates, writes Denise Richardson.

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'Beauty and the Beast' moves to Melbourne from Brisbane this month. Olivia Stewart talks to the show's long-time choreographer and director, Matt West.

This time last year Adam Elmes and Lilla Harvey were Corps de Ballet dancers with the Australian Ballet who had been nominated alongside three of their peers for the 2023 Telstra Ballet Dancer Award.

Deborah Brown is collaborating with Mãori choreographer and arts laureate Moss Te Ururangi Patterson to create a new work called ‘The Light Inside’, for Bangarra Dance Theatre.

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Physical touch is unavoidable in dance, but how do you ensure that no boundaries are crossed? Nina Levy explores a delicate issue.

Physical touch is unavoidable in dance, but how do you ensure that no boundaries are crossed? In the second part of her feature, Nina Levy explains the role of intimacy coordinators in the professional space.

Want to audition for Netherlands Dance Theatre? Artistic Director Emily Molnar describes the process.