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An international ballet gala featuring a starry line-up of guest artists is scheduled for Queensland in January.

Martin del Amo, the highly regarded independent choreographer and dancer, has created a new solo called 'Mirage' for the Sydney Festival.

The Sydney Festival will spring back to life in 2022 with new artistic director, Olivia Ansell, at the helm.

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Australian/Royal Ballet ballerina Leanne Benjamin discusses her recently released autobiography, 'Built for Ballet'.

When a show is suddenly taken off the stage, the people in the office go into overdrive. Bangarra's Lisa Twomey describes how the company kept the show on the road while maintaining quarantine restrictions.

Eliza Cummins studied at the Australian College of Physical Education and is now a high school dance and PDHPE teacher.

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Fifty performers from six companies came together for Tasmania's 'Illuminations', writes Lesley Graham.

"Hearing that producers Lynch and Paterson had engaged independent artist Jayden Grogan to recreate 'The Creatures of Prometheus' naturally piqued my interest," writes Denise Richardson

Traditional, sophisticated and uncomplicated: Alana Kildea reviews this iconic ballet.

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