Geraldine Higginson reviews 'Decadance' and 'Wudjang – Not the Past'.

After a delay in its premiere Project Animo finally opened – and was even better than expected, writes Susan Bendall.

The final performance by Australian Dance Theatre with Garry Stewart as artistic director was an emotional one, and the dancers gave it their all, writes Maggie Tonkin.

Geraldine Higginson reviews Sydney Dance Company's annual choreographic season.

Sydney's Locreado Dance Company's latest show was majestic in its feminine strength and confidence, writes Candide McDonald.

This gala program comprised a series of 10 pas de deux ranging from classical to contemporary, from serious drama to joyous abandon, writes Geraldine Higginson.

Fifty performers from six companies came together for Tasmania's 'Illuminations', writes Lesley Graham.

"Hearing that producers Lynch and Paterson had engaged independent artist Jayden Grogan to recreate 'The Creatures of Prometheus' naturally piqued my interest," writes Denise Richardson

Traditional, sophisticated and uncomplicated: Alana Kildea reviews this iconic ballet.

This made-for-digital premiere really gave the viewer a chance to see the dancers as individuals – up-close and in far more detail (depending on the size of your screen) than you would ever see them onstage.

Maggie Tonkin reviews the dance offerings at this year's festival.

The juxtaposition of the two pieces in this double bill is thought-provoking and creative, writes Alana Kildea.

It has been two Covid-interrupted years since Queensland Ballet (QB) last staged a season of the always keenly anticipated 'Bespoke', writes Denise Richardson.

The Australasian Dance Collective explores computer-generated random unpredictability in its latest work, writes Denise Richardson.

This work is vintage Stewart: inventive, brutal and unforgiving . . . writes Maggie Tonkin.

With only a few modern twists, this adaptation of Coppélia remains true to its traditional core, writes Alana Kildea.