Global Dance Pro

22 Karen Avenue
QLD 4218


A performing arts institute kick-starting the careers of talented & passionate dancers who dream of grabbing the biggest opportunities with the help of GLOBAL professionals who will help thrive on a GLOBAL STAGE! We have created an incredible online course that allows you to receive the highest quality of knowledge, culminated with support of industry professionals with utmost amount of experience to help you live your dreams.
Our goal is to set you up with a clear pathway to live the dance life of your dreamsï¾… Global Dance Pro is proud to be delivering the training and assessment for the CUA40120 Certificate IV in Dance ONLINE, on behalf of the registered organisation National Health and Fitness Academy (RTO#31894). This online training platform will allow for dance passionate people from all over Australia to acquire this incredible qualification.
THE BEST PART IS, you can complete this qualification alongside your regular activities of school and/or work.
Therefore, if you are considering Universityï¾… By completing the CUA40120 Certificate IV in Dance, you can include this as part of your ATAR selection, or on its own providing a selection score of 74 for most Universities.

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