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In news that will be the envy of the dance world, San Francisco Ballet in the US has announced it has received a gift of 60 million US dollars.

North Melbourne’s Arts House kicks off Season 1 this week with a program called 'Cuddle'.

Co.3, West Australia's contemporary dance company, is combining with the West Australian Ballet for its forthcoming season of STATE.

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JONATHAN W. MARSHALL immerses himself in two shows at WA's Studio Underground.

Isabelle Leclezio revels in Akram Khan's 'Junglebook reimagined', which begins its tour of Australia at the Perth Festival.

Alana Kildea attended the WA Ballet's popular outdoor summer season as well as some classes at the free public program, Perth Moves.

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"Instead of confining ourselves to one box, or conforming to someone else's expectations, let's embrace the freedom to express every facet of ourselves . . .." Read Linda Ridgway Gamblin describing her role as Head of Training at SDC.

Akram Khan is bringing his esteemed company to Australia. He talks to Rhys Ryan about his production, 'Jungle Book reimagined'.

Meet Victor Estevez

Victor Estevez has recently moved from the Queensland Ballet, which he joined in 2016, to the Australian Ballet, where he will start next year. Here, he describes why he left Cuba to come to Australia and offers some insights into the Cuban training.

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A dancer would typically spend four or more hours in a mirrored studio daily, scrutinising not only their dancing, but their entire physique and appearance. Advice from Lucy Christodolou.

Is a vegan diet compatible with the high nutrition needs of dance? KAREN VAN ULZEN finds out.

Dancer, if you find yourself in a company or environment that makes you feel bad about yourself, leave. Read this article for tips and advice on dealing with body image.