Zendra Giraudo is WHITESNAKE3000

Experience Zendra Giraudo's transformative exploration of WHITESNAKE3000 in Co3 Contemporary Dance’s IN.HOUSE season. This avant-garde performance reimagines the timeless Myth of Madam White Snake, a folktale spanning centuries and cultures. Zendra, a Queer, Chinese-Malaysian-Australian artist, skilfully weaves her identity into the narrative, unravelling the intersections of Chinese diaspora, Western dance, and queer histories. Through a blend of body, memory, and mic, WHITESNAKE3000 invites you to witness the profound connections formed in the fluidity of identity. Join us for a unique journey into a re-telling that stitches a new chapter into the evolving history of worship to the White Snake.

  • Organised by: Co3 Contemporary Dance
  • Contact name: Co3 Contemporary Dance
  • Email: info@co3.org.au

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A new commission by choreographer Liesel Zink for the groundbreaking MADE company. Performances in Burnie and Hobart.