Tender – the queer circus cabaret that will leave you aching for more.

What is it to be Tender? Is it gentle and affectionate or sensitive and aching?

Tender explores relationships, power play, desire, and sexuality with flips, tricks, high kicks, hair whips and musical quips. With an all-queer cast, Tender is a fully choreographed show creating a playground between floor and air by combining aerial and ground disciplines, drag and dance from Sydney circus darlings - Missy, J Twist, Tynga, Chris Barnett and Mitch Wnek as well as original music from Bicon queen, The Voice Finalist and ACON NSW 2023 Honour Award Finalist, PENELOPE.

Sit back as we disassemble gender constructs and dismantle binaries. At the heart of it, Tender is a joyous celebration of queer community and connectedness. Expect to walk away from the show feeling as though you have experienced a big rainbow hug.

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A new commission by choreographer Liesel Zink for the groundbreaking MADE company. Performances in Burnie and Hobart.