Ballet Australasia Ltd (BAL) was founded in 1989 by former Australian members of the British Ballet Organisation. After British Chairman Edward Kelland-Espinosa retired in the mid 1980’s, the need for an independent Australian organisation became clear and BAL was formed with the purpose of providing excellent teaching syllabi in all dance styles.

This provision of quality dance syllabi, coupled with accredited teacher training, makes BAL a great choice for dance teachers of all genres.


Classical Ballet, BAL Tap, Tap’N’Beats, Jazz, Hip Hop and National Character.


Beginners Assessment, Pre-Primary, Primary, Grades 1 to 5, Junior Solo, Grade 6, Pre-Elementary, Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced and Solo Seal Diploma


BAL is a registered training organisation (RTO 40741) offering an accredited Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Management, CUA40320, which has been recently upgraded. This can be taken in a chosen genre, and is available to all dance teachers from any dance organisations (meeting BAL criteria).

BAL also offers an internal Teaching Certificate III, as a prerequisite for membership to BAL. Teacher training intakes are offered twice a year.


All exam candidates receive a written report and Certificate of Achievement, with students awarded 97% or higher receiving an Excellence Award. Senior candidates also receive a Senior Achievement medal.

Perpetual trophies are awarded annually to BAL studios with the highest exam Honour Points in all genres.

BAL holds our annual Diamond Star Group Competition, and the bi-annual Audrey Ward Ballet Scholarship.

Mary Easton

President, Ballet Australasia Ltd (BAL) FBAL. Director, Examiner, Life Member, Technical Advisor Tap and Jazz.

What do you enjoy about your job?

I think the most enjoyable part of my job is being able to share my passion for dance and to see students succeed and grow, whatever their individual ability levels.

Have examinations/assessments changed over the years and what is different now?

Whilst all syllabi are regularly updated and new genres are added, the structure and pass marks have remained fairly consistent. Very young students are offered assessments, rather than more formal exams, and a more relaxed examination approach is taken for the genres of Hip Hop and Tap’N’Beats. The focus is on the students enjoying the examination environment, while still maintaining the integrity of the syllabus technique required.

What is the purpose of exams/assessments and why do you think they are beneficial?

I believe it is very beneficial for students to sit exams as they can gain a real sense of accomplishment and reward for their efforts throughout the year. However, to avoid unnecessary pressure on exam candidates, teachers must ensure their students are well prepared, without stress, and that parents are not placing undue expectations on their children. This makes the exam process an enjoyable and rewarding one. Sending students for exams also sends a strong message to parents that the teacher is prepared to have her/his students assessed externally, thus showing professionalism and confidence in their teaching staff.

What drew you to this syllabus/organisation?

My mother who was also a teacher, examiner and a past President of BAL gave me my love of dance and always encouraged me in my dancing, and then later assisted me to begin my dance studio.  As she has given so much to BAL over the years I have always wanted to continue her hard work and achievement by becoming involved in the day to day running of this wonderful syllabus myself.

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