Flinders University in partnership with TAFE SA: Adelaide College of the Arts (AC Arts)

Flinders University in partnership with TAFE SA: Adelaide College of the Arts (AC Arts)

39 Light Square

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Bachelor of Creative Arts (Dance) (3 years): This course places an emphasis on contemporary dance performance in productions and repertory. Graduating students take industry secondments in their final year to develop ties with the profession and prepare them for the workplace. These students have the skills necessary for all levels of performance from mainstream companies to independent projects, and the ability to prepare themselves for subsequent employment in industry.
Flinders University in partnership with TAFE SA Adelaide College of the Arts offers this degree in elite dance performance. The combination of study associated with theoretical knowledge and skills necessary for professional practice is essential for gaining employment in the field of contemporary dance performance. This course offers a rigorous program of study, training, intense dance and the building of integral choreographic skills in purpose-built teaching spaces - principally at TAFE SA Adelaide College of the Arts, Light Square.
Main Subjects
Contemporary dance, classical ballet, composition, improvisation, acrobatic tumbling, production performance, double work, yoga, anatomy and kinesiology, history of dance, critical studies, music studies for dancers, career management, dance vocational secondment, song and dance, live arts and performance.
Practical Classes
About 1.5hrs X 10, + related studio work.
Contact Hours
Minimum 6 hours per day, 5 days a week. These hours and their times extend out to include evenings during performance weeks.
- Any Certificate III or higher or
- Satisfactory achievement in the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT) or
- Successful completion of SACE (year 12) results (or equivalent) achieving an ATAR of 60 or above
An audition is also required.
Auditions will be held in September, October and November at the Adelaide College of the Arts and include a classical class, a contemporary class, and some repertoire and improvisation.
In special circumstances a video audition may be acceptable.
Dance staff for 2023 include Lisa Heaven, Lisa Synnott, Catherine Wells, Lee Brummer, Jack Ziesing, Carol Wellman-Kelly, Daniel Jaber, Simi Roche, Peter Sheedy, Alison Currie, Rowan Rossi, Tobiah Booth -Remmers, Zoe Dunwoodie and Sue Healey.
Auditions Date
Live Auditions
Dates: Friday 8 September, Wednesday 18 October and Friday 17 November 2023
Time: 9am to 2pm.
Duration: 5 hours
Venue: Adelaide College of the Arts, 39 Light Square, Adelaide

Video Auditions
The video audition submission must contain 3 sections:
Section 1: 20 minutes of a classical ballet class (provided you have done this - not compulsory) Including: barre work; centre work and pirouettes.
Section 2: 20 minutes of contemporary dance technique. Due to the variety of training styles no specific technique is required.
Section 3: 3 minutes of a creative solo (contemporary style). This is your opportunity to be expressive/creative.
Maximum allowed 45 minutes.

Submission Due Date: Open Monday 24 July and close Friday 24 November 2023, 5.00pm. Submissions must be emailed to admissions@tafesa.edu.au
Audition Requirements
TAFE SA will mail an audition pack to applicants who have made a SATAC application for the
Flinders University Bachelor of Creative Arts (Dance). If you have received your acknowledgment email from SATAC and you have not received an audition pack within the next two weeks of the date of your acknowledgement, please telephone TAFE SA Adelaide College of the Arts on (08) 8463 5000. Applicants are required to provide a positive physical fitness examination report from a recognised physiotherapist and a doctor's certificate prior to an audition being offered.
Please refer to website www.flinders.edu.au/dance
Scholarship or Subsidies
No scholarships or subsidies available.
Possible Career Options
Mainstream dance companies; fringe theatre dance companies; commercial musical theatre companies; small professional dance companies; theatre; artist in schools; self-devised theatre/dance collectives; community dance companies; government and corporate productions; documentary film/TV; commercial film/TV; training film/TV; studio teaching; university teaching; touring cabaret; performance art; circus theatre; overseas study; further study and post grad study; variety shows; corporate productions.

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