Alice Dixon, William McBride and Caroline Meaden, who collectively make up Alice Will Caroline, have been chosen for 2024. 

This year-long program was created for choreographers approaching mid-career — supporting their specific goals and interests as they look to take the next steps as artists, and assisting them to develop the skills required to become artistic directors. These skills are distinct from those of a choreographer, but essential for the successful running of a dance company or other organisational structure.

About the appointment, the collective said, “We are grateful and excited to be given this opportunity to be Resident Directors at Lucy Guerin Inc in 2024 – to deepen our collective choreographic practice through making new work, expanding our collaborative relationships and engaging with the wider dance community over an extended period of time. Lucy’s mentorship as a senior choreographic artist who is deeply invested in movement as a form of inquiry strongly resonates with us – we look forward to spending time with the company throughout 2024.”

You can read more about Alice Will Caroline here.

Meanwhile, this year's Resident Director, Rebecca Jensen, is performing with Georgia Rudd in a revival of Guerin's 1997 work, Robbery Waitress on Bail, as part of Antistatic Redux – featured alongside works by Branch Nebula, Victoria Hunt, and Nelly and Marlo Benjamin, tomorrow and Friday at Carriageworks in Sydney. 

Lucy Guerin will also join the Live Futures: Dance conversation panel on Saturday October 28 at 4pm. 

Find out more here.