#Take your seats!

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The Australia Council has started a campaign to encourage people to get vaccinated so they are ready to return to theatres and arts venues as soon as they can open.

“Vaccination is our ticket to reopening and staying open," says the Adrian Collette, CEO of the Australia Council.

“We want to welcome audiences back safely, and to help our artists and creative workers to get back to work and return the vibrancy of live performances, exhibitions, festivals and cultural events to our communities, cities and regions,” he said.

 Paul Fletcher, the Federal Minister for the Arts, is in complete agreement. “The Morrison Government’s objective through the National Plan is that as states and territories open up, arts companies, promoters and festivals are ready to go. We want to see venue doors thrown open to audiences; we want to see the curtains going up; and we want to see performers coming on stage to a welcoming roar of applause,” he says.

Amen to that.

Please watch the AC's video and share it with all your art-loving friends.


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