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Erin O’Rouke (left) and Yvonne Huang. Photo: Ivan Triago.
Erin O’Rouke (left) and Yvonne Huang. Photo: Ivan Triago.

Established in 2015 by Brisbane dancers Kate Usher and Glyn Roberts (who say they were united by sarcasm and a dry dose of humour), the Supercell Festival of Contemporary Dance usually consists of a program of performances, workshops, international exchanges and more. This year, however, in response to the pandemic, Supercell has taken a different path and is instead investing in the future of Australian arts with a one-of-a-kind commissioning program. This includes an investment of $165,000 in devolved cash, direct-to-artists, to seed brand-new dance works that are in touch with the cultural and social shifts in arts consumption. These works will be the future presentation outcomes for the Festival.

Seventeen new works from around the country have been commissioned under The Makers Program. The artists and the name of their proposals are below:

Amrita Hepi: RINSE (VIC)
Amy Zhang: Cool Asian Mum's Guide-to-Life (NSW)
Australian Dance Party & Gogi Dance Collective: a-bridging-place (ACT & Qld)
Chunky Move & Restless Dance Theatre: Rewards for the Tribe (Vic & SA)

Dancenorth: Underview (Qld)
Danielle Constance: Looks Like A Tourist (Qld)
Drea Choreo x Dance Masala: ITEM (Qld)
Elle Evangelista: COME KNIT THE SUN DOWN (NSW)
Emma-June Curik and Artists: Sleep Study (Qld)
GUTS DANCE x Ashleigh Musk: SUB (Qld & NT)
Karul Projects (Qld)
Kate Harman: This Ain't No Pussy Show (Qld)
Kayah Guenther & Gabriel Comerford for Makeshift Dance Collective: The Dance of the Gentle Warrior (Tas & NSW)
Larissa McGowan and Megan Washington: SHADOW SIDE (SA & NSW)

See a clip from Drea Choreo here:

For more about the program, go here.

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