'Return' to happiness

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Even if your head has been full of worries and your spirit hitting lows, this will help it all to evaporate. Return is an original song written by Australian composer and lyricist, Jess Newman, and directed and choreographed by Luca Dinardo, to help the Australian performing arts community. The donation drive video is produced by Neil Gooding Productions to raise funds for the Wilin Centre for Indigenous Arts and entertainment benevolent funds across Australia.

Look for someone you know. Here are some clues: 

Lead Vocals: David Harris, Arielle Jacobs, Ainsley Melham, Laura Murphy, Tim Omaji, Jemma Rix, Ruva.


Choir: Stephanie Adams, Felicity Amos, Tamara Lee Bailey, Bianca Baykara, Allie Bizzanelli, Tom Kantor Du Toit Brendenkamp, Simon Buchner, Louise Butler, Tahra Cannon, Adam Canny, Kate Carey, Baylie Carson, Jessica Condon, Patrick Conolly, Rosie Daly, Ed Deganos, Jessica Ellis, Jake Gardner, Georgia Gourlay, Lachlan Griffith, Juan Gomez, Sam Harmon, Sam Hamilton, Kirralee Hiller, Jody Hooker, Tayla Jarrett, Belinda Jenkin, Zule Khan, Kiana Krizak, Sarah Krndija, Hannah Mackay, Thomas McGuane. Imogen Moore, Elise Muley, Jadd Munzer, Haji Myrteza, Chris Pappas, Michael Paton, Taylor Penrose, Wendy-Lee Purdy, Shannen Alyce Quan, Laila Sabir, Taylor Swan, Connor Sweeney, Ethan Taylor, Emily Thompson, Montana Tonkin, Jessica Velucci, Katie Weston, Sherry Watson. 


Dancers: Marty Alix, Sheridan Anderson, Kyla Bartholomeusz, Katrina Bickerton, Daisy Calnin, Olivia Carniato, Shay Debney, Luca Dinardo, Elandrah Feo, Brett Fisher, Tarik Frimpong, Sebastian Johnston, Sian Kelly, Ashleigh Kiven, Liam Kocijan, Stefan Lagoulis, Freya List, Jazz Miller, Noah Missell, Tom New, Rune Nydal, Neville Parry, Melissa Pham, John Reed, Emma Russell, Ben Scarmozzino, David Sirianni, Maddy Rose Smith, Tigist Strode, Angelina Thompson, Romy Vuksan, Mietta White, Jamie Winbank, Celina Yuen.


Orchestrated and Mixed by Isaac Hayward. Edited by Steve Khoury. Additional Footage by James Terry Collective.

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