Locreado invites its audience to Pause

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Another professional dance company has emerged from Covid to take to the stage, albeit with audiences of a limited size. Locreado Dance Company will present Pause, a contemporary piece choreographed and directed by Loredo Malcolm, on Friday, 18 September, in two performances at the Parade Playhouse Theatre Sydney, at 4pm and 7.30 pm. 

Pause features Company dancer, Vi Lam, and a cast of thirteen dancers. The show is a story that reflects on the hectic nature of modern life. It demonstrates different aspects of reality that are seen as chaotic, showing how humans sometimes thrive on the drama of a situation or things that makes them feel “it’s all too much”. That people these days sometimes forget to stop for a moment to stop, breathe and release the adrenaline surge.

“We invite you to come with an open mind and your own interpretation to this piece,” Malcolm states.      


Director: Loredo Malcolm.

Assistants: Lauren Bartlett, Alycia Trainor & Vi Lam

Tickets are limited and only a few seats remain. Bookings mat be made here.

Rehearsal sneak peek here:

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