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 Imagine listening with your eyes and using your heart, your hands and your instinct to voice your emotions. Imagine music transformed into physicality on a stage where the wildness and passion of bodies moving and colliding matches the rawness of explosive live drumming.

Melbourne's KAGE Dance Theatre seeks out unusual collaborations to create dance theatre which surprises and thrills. The company's latest work is no exception and features dancer Anna Seymour (who is also profoundly deaf) and renowned contemporary jazz musician Myele Manzanza (NZ). Directed by Kate Denborough, Out of Earshot explores the power of non-verbal language, intense physical prowess and the role that sound plays within communication. Bodies on stage, like instruments, allowing both sound and silence to merge with the dancers, embracing and denying one another.
Out of Earshot was conceived and directed by Kate Denborough in collaboration with the cast: Anna Seymour, Elle Evangelista; Gerard Van Dyck; Myele Manzanza; and Timothy Ohl.

May 31- June 10
Chunky Move Studios, Southbank
Info: www.kage.com.au/out-of-earshot/

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