Enjoy 'Cuddle' at Arts House

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Photo by Jo Duck.
Photo by Jo Duck.

North Melbourne’s Arts House has kicked off Season 1 with a program called Cuddle.

Billed as “An intimate dance heist from two rising stars”, Cuddle brings together independent artists Harrison Ritchie-Jones and Michaela Tancheff. They weave contemporary dance with elements from martial arts, figure skating, rodeo barnyard dance and a host of more abstract inspirations with "the energy of an underground fight club".

Cuddle was first performed at a small one-off showing at Chunky Move in March last year, where it was well received. Choreographer Ritchie-Jones has now developed it further. “During our development [we] mastered various forms of partner work. We would wear heavy duty ice hockey gear and balaclavas, usually practicing in car parks and public spaces".

Cuddle “uses humour and absurdity mixed with hard core technique to strike a balance of not knowing when to laugh, feel scared or be moved,” he says.

Ritchie-Jones is an alumnus of the Victorian College of the Arts, where he received the VCA Undergraduate Most Outstanding Creative Scholarship (2013). In 2018  he was nominated for a Green Room Award for Best Male Performer. He has collaborated with some of Australia’s best choreographers.

Later in the season Arts House will present Ghenoa Gela's 'Gurr Era Op', a Force Majeure/Ilbijerra Theatre co-production. Read about the 2024 Arts House season here.


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