• Isabella Crain.
    Isabella Crain.
  • Sabine Crompton.
    Sabine Crompton.
  • Telea Jensen.
    Telea Jensen.

Sydney Dance Company has welcomed some new dancers.

Sabine Crompton-Ward, a 2020 graduate of the company's Pre-Professional Year 2, has been offered a traineeship for 2021.

Telea Jensen, the company’s 2020 trainee, has been offered an extension to her traineeship due to it being disrupted by COVID-19. She will be performing in Impermanence.

Isabella Crain, who performed with the company for New Breed 2020, has been offered a short contract with the company and will be performing in Impermanence.

Ariella Casu left the company at the end of 2020 and is currently working on an exciting film project.

Victor Zarallo has left to pursue a new passion: teaching dance. 

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