Meet Sydney Dance Company's Telea Jensen

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Telea Jensen is a dancer with Sydney Dance Company. She got there by training at the Queensland College of Dance and then Sydney Dance Company Pre-Professional Year.

What is the main overall lesson you learnt during your full-time studies?

Telea Jensen
Telea Jensen

To approach each day and experience with a beginner’s mindset. This means keeping an open mind, dropping assumptions, remaining curious and present. Whether applied to a class, working with a choreographer, or just everyday life, I have found it’s a valuable concept to consider.

What is your best memory of your time as a student?

A very valuable part of the SDC Pre-Professional year for me was getting to experience three different creation processes with established choreographers as well as learning Rafael Bonachela’s Lux Tenebris.

It was exciting to bring each choreographers’ vision to life and as a result of the collaborative environment I felt we all grew closer as a cohort.

We then performed these works in our the end-of-year show. Being able to display the result of our choreographic processes and sharing the space with my peers for the last time on stage was a special moment and definitely a highlight for me.

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