Eliza Cummins: collegiate learning

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Eliza Cummins studied at the Australian College of Physical Education and is now a high school dance and PDHPE teacher.


What is your best memory of your full-time dance studies?

There are many memories which come flooding to mind when I look back on the past four years. But the main thing which made the time so incredible were the friends I got to spend almost every day with. There is something very special about learning among others who have the same goals and dreams as yourself. It makes you want more for yourself and for them. You feel like you’re in every assessment or performance together, through the late nights and tedious floor exercises. That kind of commitment to a craft and to each other is something I don’t think I’ll find anywhere else.

Did your original career aim change from when you started your studies to when you graduated?

No, I was always determined to become a high school dance teacher from the beginning of my degree. However, I didn’t realise how much I would appreciate learning about the other areas of the degree. Child psychology, inclusive practices and health and well-being, to name a few, have really opened my mind to how much one person can impact a student’s life in a positive way. This has led me to the desire to explore welfare positions within schools.  Further to that, developing performing arts and well-being interconnectedly and providing students with a creative outlet.

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