Facade - A Brutal Baroque performance event - large scale installation, Dance, Opera & a Robotic Ballerina. Facade is a dance theatre work, originally created by Chrissie Parrott AO, at the Moores Building for the 1986 Perth Fringe Festival.

In September, this unique work is re-imagined, re-scored and re-scaled in a return season and embedded as a precious jewel that sits inside a striking visual masterpiece conjured up from Chrissie’s Parrott’s landscape of imagination.

Featuring six virtuosic dancers: Stefan Karlsson who performed in the original Moores season; Claudia Alessi, David Mack, Nicola Wade, Ava Hart and Talitha Maslin. Along with performer extraordinaire, Opera singer and comic Paul Rowe; extraordinary actor Bruce Denny and live musician theorbist Matt Jones. Facade invites the audience into this imaginary world filled with dance, puppetry and comedy as seen through the kaleidoscopic lens of this internationally acclaimed choreographer.

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