Jack Ziesing rehearsing in the Bing Concert Hall

Jack Ziesing reports from the Stanford leg of Dancenorth's North American tour.

Greetings from abroad!

After a spectacular run in Vancouver we landed in San Francisco and trekked on to Stanford University. It is a massive campus, almost like a small city. We are staying in a hotel about 15 minutes away from the theatre, with a large nature reserve nearby. Some of the dancers went exploring and saw eagles, coyotes and deer roaming around!

The Bing Concert Hall, where we performed Attractor, was nothing short of spectacular! It is a grand, modern venue that makes you feel like you are inside some giant spaceship. Its acoustics are incredible and our musicians, Senyawa, really gave the place a run for its money.

Our American participants in the show were so much fun to dance with. It is really special to see people up on stage, out of their comfort zone, but really embracing the wild nature of the show. We have had a few air guitar and drum solos which were very entertaining!

Unfortunately this is the last stop for the tour but we will be back performing in New York later in the year. We always love bringing shows to the US. The audiences are so exciting and enthusiastic! We can’t wait to come back.

Until then

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