Uniting Generations in Dance: An Inter-Generational Performance

Are you a dancer, regardless of age or experience level, looking for an exciting performance opportunity that brings together generations in a captivating dance production? Look no further! Catapult Dance Choreographic Hub is thrilled to announce an inter-generational performance project that welcomes dancers from kids to adults and pre-professionals alike.

This exhilarating dance work will be performed at the Museum of Arts and Culture: Lake Macquarie in November 2023. The project aims to create a unique and captivating performance, celebrating the diversity and creativity within the Catapult community. All past, present, and future members of Catapult are encouraged to participate, regardless of their focus on choreography, creativity, art, or collaboration.

If you've ever considered joining one of Catapult's open classes, now is the perfect time to do so! To be a part of this extraordinary experience, simply reach out to us by emailing enquiries@catapultdance.com.au. The inter-generational production will be developed across various open classes at Catapult, providing an inclusive platform for all interested dancers to participate and contribute.

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