Tempus by Fine Lines

Celebrating ten years as Melbourne’s only mature dance collective, Fine Lines Dance Co presents four new contemporary works about the time we have on this earth and what we decide to do with it.

Tempus honors the strength, diversity, creativity and artistry of older female performers and signals a key point in Fine Lines Dance Co’s evolution: ten years as Melbourne’s only mature dance collective (40-80 years).

Fine Lines is an intergenerational company of lifelong artists who identify deeply as dancers. We challenge stereotypes, debunk myths and present new work that pushes us to grow as artists’.

Through Tempus, Fine Lines Dance Co presents works by four company choreographers: Kym King, Moments in Time; Angelina Nicole, The Mark: Fall; Shannon Parsons, Only falling cats land on their feet; and Katrina Rank with Angelina Nicole, Artefact.

Diverse in their choreographic approaches and performative modes, the works are rich in imagery and grounded in embodied memory: of autumn leaves crumbling in hand and underfoot, moments of trauma and joy and the tidal nature of mental health and life. The works move between poignant and playful, from honest storytelling to wildly unreliable histories, boldly supported by sparkling jewellery, red lipstick and a common cabbage. Two performances only 3pm and 7pm Saturday 25 November 2023

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