Scimm. Platforms Youth company presents Mother

The idea of Mother has followed us through time. They can guide us, love us, lead us or leave us. Is it something we are entitled to or is it a gift we seek out for ourselves? Is it the cooperation between nature’s eternal laws that work harmoniously with each other? Is it embodied in human form or something that exists beyond us?

All we can agree on is the primal feeling evoked in us when the word is spoken. This year, our Platforms Youth Company explores the themes and topics that flood our minds when we hear the word, Mother.

Featuring works by Freya List, Kaitlin Malone and Scimm. Dance Company’s Directors Scott Pokorny and Tim Barnes.

Ticket prices are $35 for Concession and $40 for Adult. Tickets available at

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This special development program will provide a handful of selected young artists, who have already completed full time classical and/or contemporary training.