Scholarship Auditions for Sydney College of Dance


Scholarship Auditions for Sydney College of Dance: Advanced Pre-Professional Program

Sunday 17 September 2017

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Learn from over 15 renowned national and international teachers and choreographers.

SCD is looking for passionate dancers with established clean classical technique and an open-minded approach to new contemporary styles. They should demonstrate the ability to interpret choreographic direction and show their artistic, musical and dynamic qualities to their best ability.

At SCD we believe all dancers have a unique artistic voice and need the guidance to find that voice. We prepare dancers to be highly skilled, creative and adaptable to the many styles of current choreographers. To have input from both contemporary and ballet mentors is so valuable to create a versatile dancer as preparation for entry into modern day companies. Companies want dancers who can absorb the style and language of the choreographer and embody their movements and be one step ahead of the other applicants.

Artistic directors and choreographers are looking for dancers who are professional and are immediately ready to work in a collaborative way. At SCD we are passionate about dance as an artform, and value each student on their individual journey to a professional career.

Audition requirements
Full Time students need to have completed RAD Intermediate level or equivalent.
Transition students need to have completed Intermediate Foundation level or equivalent.


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