Curated by Forest Collective’s Kim Tan, Folding explores modern subjectivity and the inexorable relationship creativity has with the past. This entanglement is a metaphor for Kim’s own creativity and the expression it finds within her body. Folding is layered with musings on the dialectic between past and present, which find voice through early and new music, period instruments and contemporary dance.

The centrepiece is a new commission for baroque flute and percussion by Evan J Lawson, which reimagines period instruments beyond their historical context, giving them contemporary expression through New Music. Folding will reach back in time to return the staid form of the ‘Baroque dance suite’ to its historical origins in movement and the body, and will be given visceral modern expression through the haunting choreography of Ashley Dougan. This tension between stasis and fluidity will be further explored through interwoven improvisatory works, with drone, based on excerpts from Jordi Savall’s Lachrimae Caravaggio.

Program: Conversation I (improvisation) Written on the body Échos – Jacques Hotteterre Conversation II (improvisation) The present makes relevant the past New work – Evan J Lawson (world premiere) Returning to the body Suite op.1, no.5 – Pierre-Danican Philidor Conversation III (improvisation) Artists: Kim Tan: traverso flute, performer and curator Evan J Lawson: Artistic director, composer Ashley Dougan: dance and choreography

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