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Dance Hub SA is excited to announce Choreolab24!

Choreolab24 will support 2 established choreographers and 2 emerging choreographers to undertake a three-week development of 4 new works. And 2 (or more*) dancers to connect with and support these projects. Culminating in an opportunity to network and share with key industry members. This structure will foster critical discourse, choreographic skills and the creation of 4 new works through an early stage of their development.

Choreolab24 will be facilitated by Alison Currie and is funded by Arts South Australia and City of Adelaide, and supported by Nexus Arts. Choreolab24 is open to applications from choreographers and dancers currently residing in or with an ongoing connection to South Australia.

*Our current fundraising campaign to Sponsor A Dancer aims to support additional dancers to join Choreolab24 Key Dates:

Applications close: 22nd March 11:59pm Choreolab24: 29th April – 17th May 2024

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