Sydney Ballet School

Buildings 21 & 23 Best Avenue

02 9968 1121

Full-time classical ballet: Our full-time programme has been designed for thirteen to sixteen year olds who express a desire in becoming a professional classical ballet dancer. This two or three year programme is designed to coincide with national or international school years, competitions and auditions and aims to prepare dancers for acceptance to national or international ballet schools and companies. Core components of the programme include classical ballet, stretch and strengthening, variations, lyrical, contemporary, and private coaching. Included in the programme are weekly sessions with our specialised Pilates trainers. Students are expected to participate and complete examinations with the Royal Academy of Dance. Full-time students are required to make arrangements to continue academic schooling through Sydney Distance Education or by other arrangement with an academic school. Auditions available all year round.
Part-time classical ballet : Our part-time classical ballet programme designed for ten to thirteen year olds is a one, two and/or three day per week programme. The programme is designed to extend the dancers existing experience and study of classical ballet in preparation for the full-time programme. Core components of the programme include classical ballet, contemporary and stretch and strengthening. New students are welcome to join this programme at any time during the year.

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