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The Scimm. Dance Pre-Professional Full-Time Training Course is an elite dance program designed for aspiring dancers who seek to embark on a successful career in contemporary dance. Rooted in our core values and expertise as well established contemporary dance company, this comprehensive program offers a transformative experience for dedicated individuals looking to refine their skills and pursue excellence in their dance practice.
Throughout the course, dancers will be immersed in a rigorous curriculum that encompasses technical training, artistic development, choreographic exploration, and professional readiness. Under the guidance of esteemed instructors and industry professionals, students will receive personalized attention and mentorship to nurture their unique talents and potential.
The course caters to an elite pre-professional level, preparing dancers for the demands of the
contemporary dance industry both nationally and internationally. Drawing inspiration from the current Australian and European market, the curriculum incorporates a strong foundation in ballet and technique, along with commercial elements to ensure dancers are versatile and adaptable.
Scimm. Dance Pre-Professional provides a safe and nurturing environment where dancers can thrive and grow. Through a combination of technique classes, choreographic workshops and performance opportunities students will develop their artistry, and refine their technical proficiency while gaining invaluable insights into the professional dance industry.
Applicants to the Scimm. Dance Pre-Professional Full-Time Training Course should demonstrate a strong technical background, commitment and a desire to push their artistic boundaries. The course welcomes dancers from diverse backgrounds and fosters an inclusive and supportive community.
Upon completion of the program, graduates will possess the skills, knowledge, and industry connections necessary to pursue a fully-fledged, employable career in the dance industry.
Join us at Scimm. Dance Pre-Professional and embark on an extraordinary journey of self-discovery, growth, and artistic excellence. Discover your potential, refine your craft and prepare for a successful future in the vibrant world of contemporary dance.
Scimm. Dance Pre-Professional
(CUA40120) Certificate IV in Dance
Course duration of 12 months
*Our nationally recognised qualifications are delivered through an auspice arrangement with ATOD (RTO#31624).
Main Subjects
The main subjects include developing choreography skills, developing and applying dance partnering techniques, developing expertise in dance performance techniques, developing movement skills for performance, rehearsing for performance and applying movement and behavioural principles to conditioning.
The elective subjects include collaborating in the creative processes, creating and performing dance, pieces, developing expertise in ballet techniques, developing expertise in contemporary dance, developing audition techniques, conditioning the body for dance performance and improvisation of advanced dance sequences.

Emmalee Meisels - Course Coordinator
Andie Dashwood - Ballet Coordinator
Scott Pokorny - Contemporary Coordinator
Timothy Barnes - Contemporary Coordinator
Auditions Date
Audition Friday 7th July 2023 12.30 pm at Australian Academy of Dance.
Zoom audition is available for interstate/overseas applicants.
Audition Requirements
To apply for Scimm. Dance Pre-Professional, aspiring dancers must complete a straightforward
application process and pay the $50 application fee.
Please visit where you will find detailed information about the course and application requirements. Fill out the online application form which will include a dance resume, headshot and full-length photograph.
Once your application is submitted, the Scimm. Dance team will review it carefully and successful
applicants will be invited to the live auditions.
Refer to our 2024 Prospectus, available online at
Scholarship or Subsidies
We are proud to provide opportunities for talented and dedicated dancers through our scholarship
program. We offer a limited number of half scholarships to support aspiring dancers who may require financial assistance to attend our Pre-Professional Full-Time Training Course. In addition, we are committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity in the dance community and offer BIPOC-specific scholarships. For more information on eligibility and requirements, please visit our website and review the scholarship application guidelines.
Possible Career Options
Graduates will receive a Certificate IV in Dance. The job roles that relate to this qualification may include ensemble dancer, dancer or choreographer.

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