• Project Animo.
    Project Animo.
  • Leanne Benjamin.
    Leanne Benjamin.
  • Broadway cast of 'Moulin Rouge'. Photo Matthew Murphy.
    Broadway cast of 'Moulin Rouge'. Photo Matthew Murphy.

What's in the latest issue?


The cover photo of our Oct/Nov/Dec issue of Dance Australia is a bit different from our usual studio or performance photos. Instead we have a photo of teacher Amy Tinning poised against the blue sky and red dirt of the outback. The reason is that this issue has a special focus on teachers and teaching issues, and Amy is a teacher in remote Julia Creek, in Queensland. She is one of several regional teachers whose work we celebrate in this issue.

As well as our regional focus, we have several articles of critical importance to teachers:

How to talk to students about their bodies
Can you mention their 'weight'?

Teaching and touching
How to avoid devastating misunderstandings

Training interrupted
Can the pandemic-induced breaks in training have permanent impacts on a student's development?

In addition:

We meet three of the cast of Moulin Rouge

Regular columnist Matthew Lawrence writes about the surprising links between ballet and military

Editor Karen van Ulzen talks to Aussie expat Royal Ballet ballerina Leanne Benjamin about her memoir

Choreographer Alice Topp talks about her plans for her new company.

And more!

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