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This August, Melbourne's Arts House is presenting  the premiere of two new works by two of Melbourne’s highly successful choreographers – Stephanie Lake and Melanie Lane.

Lake has created Pile of Bones, an examination of love, suppression, mutation and the uprising of inner demons and angels – bodies are encrusted with fluttering armour and caught in sticky webs. "From crystal cut precision to wild abandon, Pile of Bones is a visceral and eccentric choreographic and audio-visual exploration of the intricacies of our closest relationships". 

Lake’s trademark gutsy physicality and kooky poetics are combined with four remarkable dancers (Marlo Benjamin, Samantha Hines, Harrison Ritchie-Jones and Jack Ziesing), a design team including Harriet Oxley and Matthew Adey and an original composition by renowned artist Robin Fox.

A scene from 'Nightdance' by Melanie Lane.
Photo: Jody Hutchinson
A scene from 'Nightdance' by Melanie Lane. Photo: Jody Hutchinson

Immediately following that season, Australia and Berlin-based choreographer and performer Melanie Lane will coax us off the couch and into the club in Nightdance, a pulsating new work that investigates the physical experience of the nightclub and its seductive promise of transformation, primal temptation and sublime release.

Deftly transgressing the realms of traditional dance forms, Lane and her co-performers (Lilian Steiner and Gregory Lorenzutti) slide between exotic dance, techno, burlesque and pop as they navigate sound, space and light, and the social, sensual and cerebral offerings-up for consumption after dark.

As performers oscillate between entertainer and punter, lap dance and lip-sync, Lane shines a spotlight on the economy of entertainment, the labor and currency of the body, and our complicity as audiences, voyeurs and consumers. Nightclub of the future or a dive into the sultry underworld of Berlin’s Weimer-era cabaret, Nightdance pumps up the volume, dims the lights and asks what it takes for you to dance the night away.

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 Dates: 'Pile of Bones': 15 – 19 August,7.30pm Tue – Fri, 2pm and 7.30pm Sat 
'Nightdance': 24 – 27 August, 7.30pm Thu – Fri, 2pm and 7.30pm Sat, 3pm Sun

Bookings HERE or (03) 9322 3720

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