The Chooky Dancers return!

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 It's hard to believe that it is now 10 years since Djuki Mala (formerly known as the Chooky Dancers) became YouTube stars when their Zorba the Greek dance went viral. Since then they’ve thrilled audiences at major festivals and events throughout Australia, UK, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Canada.

Their next appearance, following sold-out Perth and Adelaide Fringe Festival appearances, will be at the Sydney Opera House studio from June 13 to 18, where they will present their joyous mash-up of traditional Yolngu movement, popular dance and multi-media.

Djuki Mala performer Baykali Ganambarr said: “We didn’t think 10 years ago we would be celebrating the 10th birthday of our little independent company from the bush with our mob at the Sydney Opera House. Ten years later here we are, after going around the world and back again. Our show tells the genesis of Djuki Mala, in a way that challenges that western anthropological view of First Nations culture. We do this with our humor, our dance, our story and our culture. It’s alive, it’s living, breathing, ever changing and evolving.

Also at the Opera house , from June 7 to 25, will appear the all-female cabaret Hot Brown Honey. After selling out their original 2016 Opera House season, the fierce posse of women packs a potent punch of hip-hop politics, dance, poetry, comedy, circus, striptease and song. These six First Nations women from around the world boldly shatter preconceptions of gender and race in a daring celebration of difference and commonality.

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