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The internet is suddenly crowded with ballet classes, with Youtube classes for all ages and levels. Even top ballet companies have responded to the pandemic by opening up the once private sanctum of ballet class to share with the public. Even if you don’t intend to do the class, they provide a rare close up view of dancers and teachers at work. Below are a few examples. 

Company class barre with the Dutch National Ballet, conducted by Ernst Meisner, artistic coordinator of the Junior Company, accompanied by pianist Rex Lobo. The company is streaming a ballet barre on YouTube every Monday and Friday and will go live during a class with dancers (via ZOOM) on our Facebook page Het Nationale Ballet. All classes start at 11am (CET) which are then available on YouTube.

Hamburg Ballet dancer Madoka Sudai takes barre with deputy artistic director Lloyd Riggin at his home in his magnificent library. One hour. 

Maryinsky ballerina Maria Khoreva demonstrates her own barre to lovely live piano accompaniment. A chance to drool over impossibly perfect legs, feet, turnout! This enterprising dancer has several videos on Youtube, such as ways to improve your pointework. 


Andrey Kelm from the Paris Opera Ballet conducts class for etoile Amandine Albisson with pianist Sylvain Durand playing lively, inventive choices. This is in 15 minute segments, and we have the benefit of him correcting his pupil as well.

 A good basic half hour of centre practice designed for a small space brought to you by Ballerinas by Night, aimed at adult learners but useful for anyone wanting a basic, thorough workout.

The Ballet Coach is a series of 40 minute lessons for different levels for children from 2 to 12 and adults, presented and performed by Sarah Du-Feu,in a very small lounge space.

Australian Claudia Dean has a heap of dance videos online under Claudia Dean World, aimed at young dancers. Take your pick!

Lots of at home classes to choose in this series by Kathryn Morgan from Miami City Ballet. This class is intermediate and is taught by her boyfriend, Christopher Sellers, from Ballet West in the US, who gives useful instruction.

If you are looking for a live-streamed class or a Zoom class, we have an extensive list of options in our "Dancing from home" feature. 

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