• Kimball Wong, in 'The Circadian Cycle'.
    Kimball Wong, in 'The Circadian Cycle'.

Congratulations to Australian Dance Theatre’s Artistic Director Garry Stewart, whose short film The Circadian Cycle (2019) has been awarded Best Experimental Short at the Brooklyn Film Festival (BFF). The film was conceived and directed by Garry Stewart, with cinematography by Cordelia Beresford and a musical score by long-term ADT collaborator Brendan Woithe.

The BFF jury praised the work “for its combination of striking cinematography, intriguing choreography, resonant score and conceptual depth. As the film shifts from vast wild landscapes to intimate explorations of the human form, it unites dance and the natural world in an eloquent expression of life’s rhythms."

Read more about The Circadian Cycle.

Pictured top is Kimball Wong, in 'The Circadian Cycle'.

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