With new tap dance show, The Tap Pack about to open at the Parramatta Riverside Theatre, Dance Australia caught up with one of its choreographers, Jordan Pollard, for a quick Q and A.

DA:  How would you describe The Tap Pack?
JP:  The Tap Pack is about five friends on tour. It is about the performance onstage and the real drama offstage. Mixed with some classic songs, a live band and five of Australia's best tap dancers, it is set to be a night of pure entertainment.

The Tap Pack is a high-energy, tap comedy show inspired by the “Rat Pack” which included the famous talents of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jnr. This new, highly entertaining act features five of Australia’s finest young tap dancers tapping up a storm. With credits in film, stage and television and with over 20 musical theatre productions between them, The Tap Pack are set to explode onto the scene.

Our aim is to entertain. We bring a new, invigorating energy to a timeless style... cool classics with a fresh twist!

DA:  Where did the idea of The Tap Pack come from?
JP:  The Tap Pack was an idea on a napkin, one late night in a bar. It was an idea to combine the cool "Rat Pack" sounds with the unforgettable art of tap dance. We wanted to re-invigorate this style of class and charm with a modern twist. We are doing this by grabbing our friends, who just happen to be some of Australia's brightest talent, and bringing back the love of live entertainment. Essentially, it mirrors how the Rat Pack came about, a group of buddies coming together to create their own work on their own terms.

DA:   What’s your favourite part of the show?
JP:  It's hard to pinpoint a favourite bit, since the idea has been a year in the making, the last six months organising it all and these last four weeks staging it. The choreography is really exciting, especially the beginning. The live band, The Tap Pack Bandits, add another fantastic element - there really is nothing better then live music. The songs really come to life and we offer some fresh twists on some popular tunes. Top this all off with stage, lights, slick suits, bow ties from his handsome self and tap shoes from Capezio, it’s a very special project.

The Tap Pack plays Parramatta Riverside Theatre 21-23 March.  Click here for bookings.

See The Tap Pack boys in action here.

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