On Sunday 23 February, the Sydney Opera House will host the largest outdoor ballroom dancing event ever seen in Australia.  Entitled Strictly Sydney, the community event will involve 4000 ballroom dancers.  Strictly Sydney has been created by Baz Luhrmann in collaboration with Global Creatures and Destination NSW to celebrate the upcoming opening of Strictly Ballroom the Musical in Sydney.

Anyone who is interested in being part of the event can register at A ballot will then be drawn on Monday 10 February to select the 4000 dancers.  The selected dancers will perform in the massive dance-off on the forecourt of the Sydney Opera House, under the direction of none other than Baz Luhrmann himself.

In addition there are other prizes to be won.  One couple will win an original matching dance ensemble designed by Catherine Martin, as well as tickets to see the world premiere of Strictly Ballroom the Musical on Saturday 12 April.  Twenty runners up will each win two tickets to see the preview of Strictly Ballroom the Musical on Thursday 10 April.

More info/registration:

For more information about Strictly Ballroom the Musical, including bookings, go to

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