Qld Ballet's 'Bespoke' season

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QB Bespoke

The Queensland Ballet will present its annual Bespoke season this year at QUT Gardens Theatre from October 8-17.

 Now in its fourth season, this year's presentation will consist of on new work each by four renowned choreographers - Natalie Weir, Jack Lister, Paul Boyd and Rani Luther - in what it promises will reveal new perspectives on movement and storytelling.

 QB Artistic Director Li Cunxin says this season of Bespoke is "daring, original and a feast for the senses". 

“This year, there is an inherent focus on metaphorical and physical journeying, a theme that naturally arose through each choreographer’s unique vision," he says.

“Luther’s From.To.Here. highlights the individual journeys of the people who make up our community, including the emotional and physical passages of refugees. Weir’s Fallen explores the desire to be free from confinement as we witness a man trapped in reality with a mind desperate to escape."

 Boyd's Caravanserai is inspired by an evocative recording by Yo Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble, while Lister’s Mind Your Head breaks away from the theme and instead explores the intersection between dance and pro-wrestling. 

Highly acclaimed First Nations choreographer Daniel Riley was also set to bring to life a new work, but had to withdraw because of Victorian lockdown and Queensland border restrictions. 

More info: here.

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