Jenni Large in Vancouver.
Jenni Large in Vancouver.

Jenni Large reports from Dancenorth's tour to Vancouver, Canada and Stanford, America.

Greetings Friends

After a sleepless flight we arrived in Vancouver, Canada. Upon arriving our breath instantly thickened into fog by the cold air. Three degrees is quite a stark change from the Aussie summer we’d just departed. Not only are we changing time zones and climates but we have a quick turnaround of the work we are performing too – from premiering Dust at Sydney Festival we are now onto Attractor as part of Push Festival at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver.

In the lead up to our performances we spent a few days attempting to recalibrate our circadian rhythm, which is easier done with the excitement and energy of a new place. We sampled the local brewery’s finest and ate great food in the funky areas of Gastown and Yaletown. A highlight was definitely getting along to an ice hockey game, the Edmonton Oilers only just beat the Vancouver Canucks by one point in a shoot-out! The arena was buzzing, and for someone who is not normally a sports fan I have to admit I am now in love with ice hockey! It’s fast paced and the athleticism and coordination of the players is completely astounding and energising - which mirrors some of my favourite aspects of contemporary dance too!

 Bye for now!

xx Jen


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