• Brianna Kell in DirtyFeet's Alumni Photo Kate Disher-Quil
    Brianna Kell in DirtyFeet's Alumni Photo Kate Disher-Quil

Exciting news for Sydney!

There’s a new contemporary dance festival on the block and it will be taking place in Sydney this March. Entitled March Dance, the festival features over 50 dance events in 31 days by nine companies and 45 artists!

Created to shine the spotlight on independent dance, March Dance is presented by Independent Dance Alliance (IDA), a collaboration between Critical Path, Dirtyfeet and Readymade Works.

A highlight of the festival will be Recital, a double act directed by Gideon Obarzanek and featuring dancer Richard Cilli and percussionist Claire Edwardes.

In addition to performances of new works by a huge range of independent choreographers, March Dance will give professional dancers and enthusiasts the chance to participate in workshops, classes, residencies, sharings, forums and talks throughout March.

"March Dance has something for everyone" says festival manager Anthea Doropoulos. "Our aim is to increase the awareness of contemporary dance in Sydney, and to share the amazing work being done by Sydney artists. NSW is the only state without a dance festival, for a city that is so vibrant and rich in culture the dance sector has been missing out "

March Dance takes place March 1-31 in venues across Sydney. For more information, including the full program, bookings and registration info, head to http://www.marchdance.com/

Pictured top is Brianna Kell who will be sharing a solo in development at March Dance. Photo: Kate Disher-Quil.


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