NAISDA Dance College will finish up its 40th anniversary year at Carriageworks with “Restoration”, directed by NAISDA’s Head of Creative Studies, Frances Rings.

“We are thrilled to have Indigenous choreographers Sani Townson and Raymond D Blanco lending their unique voices to this year’s production, as well as Taiaroa, who is one of New Zealand’s most treasured dance talents,” says Rings. “As always, we are also excited to be staging the works of some of NAISDA’s own developing artists, giving these young dancers a chance to present their talents, not only as performers, but choreographers, as they prepare for a career in the performing arts industry.”

During the production, audiences will witness the cultural song and dance of Moa Island in the Torres Strait, led by NAISDA graduate and cultural teacher Dujon Nuie and the Arpaka Dance Team, alongside a suite of contemporary works which explore themes of identity and connection. “'Restoration' will take audiences on a journey through ancient trade routes, reconnecting stories inherited through bloodline and shared through breath,” continues Rings. “Our narrative, as told through dance, aims to restore these ancient knowledge grounds for a new generation to experience.”



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