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Because of the pandemic, many dance schools and companies have had to hold their classes on-line via video streaming platforms.

In recognition of the difficult circumstances, for the first time ever OneMusic, the music copyright organisation, offered complimentary licence cover from March to October, 2020, for the use of their music in live-streamed dance classes hosted for students under the standard dance school licence.

From 1 November 2020 to 31 January 2021 this will be available for a modest add-on for existing customers.

"There are some limitations to how a school can live stream a class with OneMusic’s songs in play and these are mostly about what platform a school uses to host the live stream (Zoom or Skype is best) and who the live-stream content is open to (just students not everyone),” director Catherine Guiliano explains.

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We have arranged for Catherine Giuliano, Director of OneMusic Australia to answer all your queries.

Just send them to We would prefer you to identify yourself but anonymous questions will be accepted.

We will compile your questions into a unique, friendly on-line interview with Catherine on our website. She can answer your questions with complete authority and accuracy. 

Deadline for questions: Wednesday, November 18.


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