Running online dance classes? Make sure you have the right music licence.

OneMusic Australia have contacted Dance Australia requesting that we make the following information available to dance teachers, about using music in online dance classes:

If you’re running online dance classes of any kind, you need to make sure that you’re complying with Australian copyright law.

Anyone who uses music from OneMusic Australia’s repertoire when teaching should already have a licence to do so from OneMusic Australia. However, this licence does not necessarily cover teachers for music used in online classes.

OneMusic Australia advises that teachers or businesses who are using Youtube, Facebook or Instagram to stream pre-recorded classes need to obtain a “sync licence” from the individual music publisher and record label.

Alternatively, OneMusic Australia has extended their Dance Schools Licence until 30 September 2020 so teachers can live stream via Zoom or Skype (password protected) without needing an additional licence. Teachers should report the use of music in these classes to OneMusic Australia the same as they would report a normal class.

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