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This year’s Melbourne International Film Festival is presenting a number of fascinating dance films, presented as part of the Bodies in Motion short films bundle, all of which can be streamed.

The five films of varying lengths are all Australian and include the likes of Chunky Move and acclaimed choreographer Stephanie Lake.


Chunky Move is represented with Bonanza, and is a playfully experimental work blends dance, film, digital animation and artist dialogue and has fragmented bodies floating and swirling through space, in “a lament for our physical bodies and an exaltation of digital reincarnation”.

Stephanie Lake’s Multiply revisits the 400-person-strong participatory-dance which brought Melbourne together for the first time following a COVID-19 lockdown for the seemingly impossible - a dance event in a global pandemic. Directed by Rhys Graham, the short film details the making of the work from staggered rehearsals, to masked studio visits and commentary from dancers and Lake herself.

Dancer Michelle Heaven is featured in The Prelude, created by BalletLab’s Philip Adams with US choreographer Walter  Dundervill. Poleng explores biracial  identitiy and intergenerational belong through Balinese dance and Jesse Oldfield and Adam  Murfet explore vulnerability, connectedness and a new sense of self in As One

'Bodies in Motion' will stream on MIFF PLAY as of this Saturday. You can check it out here.

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