LINK ventures into the Spiegeltent

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Link Dance Company in The Edith spiegeltent.
Link Dance Company in The Edith spiegeltent.

WAAPA's LINK Dance Company will perform in Perth before touring to Sydney.

LINK Dance Company’s final performance in Perth for 2017, Im Spiegel (In the Mirror), will take place at WAAPA’s new Spiegeltent, The Edith, and will feature special guest artist Natalie Allen. Since leaving Sydney Dance Company, Allen has guested with a range of companies including Australian Dance Theatre, Leigh Warren and Dancers and Expressions Dance Company, and is now based in her home town of Perth.

Allen will join the cast of 10 LINK dancers under the direction of Samantha Chester, WAAPA’s resident Performance Movement lecturer and director. Chester is excited to be working in WAAPA’s newest performance venue. “The Spiegeltent already has a rich history so it would remiss not to take that into account when you are making work,” she says. “Im Spiegel, the name of the work by Michael Whaites, literally translates in German ‘mirror reflecting mirror’ so we have taken that into account when we have constructed the choreographic material and movement. The work has been heavily influenced by the circular nature of the tent so it has this sort of old dance hall/gypsy wake feel and the audience will be very up close to the performers which is another exciting plus working in a space like this.”

Im Speigel also explores identity, she says. “We’ve looked at genetics and what we carry from our families in even simple things, like who in your family do you look most like? They’ve interviewed their family about family and made family trees; it’s been beautiful.”

You can catch Im Speigel in Perth 9-11 November.

If you're in Sydney, you can see LINK perform Skinless by Spanish choreographer Carmelo Segura, Ad Infinitum by Sue Peacock and Michael Whaites and Inventories of Bodies in Movement – a scored improvisation recreated for LINK devised by French choreographer Christine Fricker, at Io Myers Studio, University of NSW, 18 and 19 November, bookings through eventbrite.

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