• Alliston Currie and David Cross.
    Alliston Currie and David Cross.
  • A scene from The Farm's
    A scene from The Farm's

The Keir Choreographic Award Semi-Finals are being held at Dancehouse in Melbourne as we post this article - from March 3-7 - ahead of the Finals which will be held at Sydney’s Carriageworks, March 12-14.

 The Semi-Finals will see eight new works, by a mix of early-career and established choreographers, presented over two programs:


Jo Lloyd: That’s Her Name

That's Her Name will investigate the body as an inscriptive surface augmented through movement and materials.

The Farm: Hold me closer Tony Danza

Once we hear something, it can't be unheard and once we say something it can't be unsaid. Hold me closer Tony Danza is an investigation into how we form meaning and a provocation that perhaps our understanding of the world is intrinsically flawed.

Riana Head-Toussaint: Very Excellent Disabled Dancing

In Very Excellent Disabled Dancing, three visibly disabled dancers expose the distinct, persistent differences in the way dance is consumed and understood when performed by people with disability.

Angela Goh: Sky Blue Mythic 

Sky Blue Mythic imagines dance as a non-human entity, existing on timescales longer than our cultural narratives, in spaces beyond the locality of the body, and forms unknowable to human-centric sensing.


Amrita Hepi: Rinse

Rinse questions whether being on the brink of extinction, or endings, has intensified the seduction of the past.

Lewis Major: Lien

Lien is concerned with cultural, artistic and autobiographical notions of being between places and groups as well as concepts of division, hierarchy, conquest, colonization — the thraldom of man by man.

Alison Currie and David Cross: Delimit

Delimit examines the relationship between menial, process-driven labour and dance.

Zachary Lopez: Peril

This work is an exorcism of undesired narratives imposed on the Asian body.

A jury of five internationally renowned dance leaders will then choose four works to be presented at the finals in Sydney.

 For more info, including details of performance times head to:


 Photos above are of Alison Currie and David Cross and The Farm - two of the entrants in the competition.

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